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If you use Firefox or Chrome and do not know about syncing your browser, you may be losing out on what you use the most when you move between computers.  Sync, for both browsers, allows you to sync your bookmarks, passwords and other files so you have access to them no matter where you are browse.  It also creates moving to a new computer much easier important all your settings.

Sync is a great feature that helps users who move from location to location or simply have multiple computers in one home.  You can also sync mobile devices and tablets.  It also allows you to backup all your internet settings to one place.

Google Chrome Sync

Open up Google Chrome and click the “3 bar Icon” in the top right hand of the browser window.

Now, click “Sign in to Chrome” from the drop down menu.

If this is your first time using Chrome Sync, you want to make sure you have a Google account or service set up. If not, you will need to create one and you want to do this from a secure computer. Once you are ready to go, enter your login details and click “Sign in” to get started with Google Chrome Sync.

Let it sync all the items you request and everything should be being backed up to your new account.  You can do the same on another computer and mobile device

If you wish to turn off this feature in the future do the same under settings and disconnect, you can also delete all data from the computer at that point.

Firefox Sync

Similar to Chrome above click the 3 bars top right in firefox and sign in to sync


Does syncing your browsers really make life easier between computers?

If you own multiple computers or have access to secure computers in various locations, utilizing a sync feature in Chrome or Firefox can save you the trouble of having to remember web site URLs, passwords and other data that makes it easier to browse the web like you are used to. For some users, however, the security questions syncing browser data between computers can be too much to handle and they will opt to browser primarily from their main computer.

Depending on what you do with your computers and where you use the Internet, using the sync feature could be a great way to stay on top of what you do online without having to remember how you go about doing it.