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Microsoft Servers & Virtualisation

Getting the right kit installed is crucial to the future maintenance of your network. After an initial consultation and survey we can help you choose what’s right for you and your budget to prolong the life of your system and keep support costs to a minimum. Server and Network Installations are critical to your business, make sure it’s done right first time to avoid costly outages and downtime in your company.

We offer a complete installation service backed by our partners to offer you the latest hardware and software.

We offer a range of systems for SME’s which incorporate Local, Hosted (Cloud) and Hybrid solutions depending on location, budget and requirement.

Hardware is the lifeblood of any IT system. Without the right kit your e-mails will slow to a halt, internet access will fail, PCs will falter and all manner of other problems could arise. It is essential to have the right technology for the right job.

Here at Coast Networks, Hardware is something we love. We have years of experience with HP and Dell though we are knowledgeable on just about every piece of technology available! Hence we can recommend and install exactly what you need to achieve your business requirements. Whether you need a new mail server or 50 new monitors, we can help.

We have two key solutions for business with hardware issues. Firstly, we can consult with you to choose and recommend the best IT technology for your requirements. From there we can either recommend suitable suppliers or we can organise the purchase itself for you which allows you to take advantage of the discounts we receive.

If you’re moving office and you need help migrating, we will provide all the support you need with minimal disruption to the running of your business. We have experience in assisting with SME office moves and our professional technicians will be available evenings or weekends to ensure your company network is up and running in time for the next working day.