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IT Security

Spyware and virus issues can cause major problems for anyone owning a computer, let alone an entire office network. Making sure your IT solutions are adequately protected is of major importance and having the right technology is the best insurance you can get.

Our antivirus and antispyware solutions are designed to give the highest protection possible, whilst ensuring you can meet your business objectives.

We can offer you a number of services in relation to anti-virus and anti-spyware management, ranging from consultation regarding the technology you should consider through to installation and support of the virus and spyware tools you’ve implemented

For More Information on our Anti Virus and Anti Spyware solutions please contact us on 01273 808691 or use our contact form

Spam e-mail can be a constant concern for just about anyone with an e-mail address. It can bring all manner of unwanted problems, from simple time wasting right through to a major security breach of your systems. If you are a business, that problem increases ten-fold as you manage numerous addresses, mail servers and so on.

Coast Networks can help you choose, install and monitor anti-spam software systems that will ensure you beat these problems.

With so many anti-spam tools and services to choose from, it can be difficult to get the right type of protection at the price. We can offer you a consultative service to help you find the right product. On top of that we can help you install the chosen software and monitor your anti-spam activity.

One of the most important topics in IT today is to ensure that your company is not vulnerable to a breach in security. Simple steps can be taken to protect your network and internet security – ensure that files are secure and are only accessible to the relevant people, secure your perimeter defence by checking your router and firewall and make sure your wireless is as secure as it can be. Remember that basic wireless encryption is easily broken. For added peace of mind, please speak to us for advice on how to improve security for your business.

Surf Control is a product in itself and a very useful one at that. Although it does exactly what it says on the tin, we can assist by providing you with additional control over your users web surfing activities – from blocking specified sites during certain hours, blacklisting them altogether or creating a company white list.


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