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Connectivity & Infrastructure

For many people, a cable is just a cable and running cabling behind a desk is sufficiently tidy. Not for us!

Structured cabling is the mainstay of any network and we see it as a vital part of building and maintaining a stable system for your business. Without the right cables you can run into problems with speed and connectivity. Likewise, if your cabling is not run safely and tidily throughout your office, people could have accidents, damage plugs and so on.

Our engineers will ensure that any cabling is fit for purpose and can consult with you as to what you’ll need, install new cables and maintain the ones you have currently. We can help you no matter the workload – be it a single new desk or a five storey office refurb.

We have strong, long term relationships with Local and National Internet Service Providers so whether you need a 1Gbit fibre link to the Tele House in London Docklands, rural satellite uplink, ADSL or even an ISDN line to connect your network to the internet, then please call us for assistance.