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Website/Domains & E-mail Hosting

Domain names

There’s 100’s of domain extensions you can buy pretty much covering whatever you want.  Speak to us to purchase/transfer any of your domain name requirements.  Some of the most popular:

.co.uk / .uk – the standard UK domain name suffix
.com – the most popular domain suffix. Although originally intended for UK commercial organisations, now used globally.
.org – organisational domain suffix, global.
.net – originally intended for network related companies (short for ‘network’), but now used generally.
.org.uk – originally intended for non commercial organisations such as charities but now available for general use.

Use our WhoIS lookup tool below to find out if someone owns a domain name.  

To view a .co.uk enter .co after the domain



Website Hosting

Looking to get a new/revamped website or just need

Increase Efficiency

Stop wasting time on sharing documents by sending emails back and forth. Work on a shared project in real time and watch the productivity of your team go up and up.

Empower Users

Get rid of the geographic boundaries and empower your team by providing access to the data at a single place that can be accessed from multiple devices across the world.

Zero Multiple Versions

No need to store multiple versions of the same file. All team members get access to the latest data th

Highly Secure

All of your data is highly secure and no one other than your team can access the data without relevant credentials. You can rest assured that only your team has access to your organisation’s data.


We have highly experienced developers in our team who have a combined experience of the decades in the field of shared data collaboration. Our shared data collaboration solutions make life easy by providing access to the required data at all times so that your team can focus on your business.


We understand the importance of data availability to an organisation. We have dedicated team members who work on the shared data collaboration features of our service. These team members are always available to help take care of any problems.